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Nature rangers

Robin Mills from  Puketaha school has sent a message telling us the latest about her teaching in Mantle of the Expert. Children are in role as nature rangers running an island sanctuary for native animals off the shores of NZ.

The island sanctuary (imagined) where we are based as rangers is rather uncomfortably close to where the (real) container ship Rena has run aground this week….  but I chose to ignore that as we’re further out to sea and the rangers weren’t aware of the proximity before they went off for their two weeks break.
Being an environmental clean-up company could make an interesting topic. Actually this year we’ve had some substantial current event potential for Mantle scenarios! I hope 2012 isn’t as eventful in reality. We have had enough science-based learning ideas to last a long time!
I’ve attached two faves from our ranger’s photo album – the drama scenario was that we were out on the island in the dark counting tuatara eggs as part of our census. We had previously mapped the island to scale, drawn in its ‘height lines’ (don’t you love the language kids come up with), worked out the nature of the terrain we were working on, organised treams to search 1/4 of the island each, collected appropriate gear and had our driver drop us off at a point close to each search area. (Ideas courtesy of Luke’s demo at the conference.)
The diaries written after the search were classic, more ‘real’ than the writing that followed our trip to Waitomo. Says something for writing in role, doesn’t it?


New link to blog – Mantle at HNS

Viv has taken the technological bull by the horns and set up a new blog!

The purpose is to record the happenings as they unfold with a Mantle currently being run with Lynette’s class at Hillcrest Normal School. This is the third year Lynette has kindly let me and my student teachers work in her class and we thought it might be interesting for people to follow along as we plan, implement and discover together… Thanks to Irene, the school principal, and Gay, the DP for permission to share the work in this way.

You can visit the blog by going to ‘Links’

I will be updating the blog regularly and welcome your comments – and advice – either here or direct into the blog

If others are interested in starting their own blogs too please do – we can link them from this site as we have done with Priya’s wonderful example – To set yourself up I recommend ‘blogspot’ as very easy to use even for beginners like me!


Link to Priya’s Muritai Mantle blog

I have just added a permanent link to Priya Gain’s wonderfully rich blog site from Muritai School.

Priya has been employed as a specialist teacher providing MOTE based learning as part of an extension programme at the school. Her illustrated blog provides a fascinating insight into a number of successful NZ themed Mantle experiences with different groups at the primary level. Lots of inspiration here for beginners or more experienced practitioners.

You can visit Priya’s blog any time from the link shown on the main page. Or click here

It is well worth visiting and you can become a ‘follower’ to receive regular updates.

Thanks for sharing this with us Priya…