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POLICY for identity protection and conduct

We hope you will find this website a useful place to learn, share and muse, ask questions, give and receive advice, celebrate achievements, express frustrations and face up to challenges and tensions as you explore MOTE in your context.

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In order for this online community to work well for everyone, there are a few guidelines you are asked to consider.

  • Participants in this online community are expected to uphold professional standards at all times. This includes an expectation of a respectful tone when discussing fellow professionals, colleagues and learners.
  • Most schools have a policy regarding consent for material to be displayed online. By using this site YOU are assumed to have checked and be following this policy. If in doubt, please do NOT post images of your work.
  • Images appearing on the website are not for general use – please do NOT download or reproduce images appearing here without specific consent from the school involved.
  • To protect the identity of others, particularly children and young people – please always use a pseudonym or initial when referring to an individual in your class.
  • Any planning material, templates etc shared on this website is shared on the understanding that it may be used or adapted by others. However, PLEASE acknowledge the original authors in every case.
  • You are reminded that ‘mantle of the expert’ is a system that is available for all to try – and learn – and grow with. Attempts to use MOTE material for personal financial gain goes against the spirit of the work (it may also result in legal action from the original owners of the material )

These guidelines are offered as a starting point…. In the spirit of co-construction you are welcome to comment, edit, suggest improvements etc. The policy will probably need to shift and change as the website does. However, the website moderator reserves the final right to edit or withdraw material at his or her own discretion.

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