Up and coming Cluster meeting

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since we have been together. I have just finished the Summer School Paper with Viv and am now quite motivated about using Mantle of the Expert with my class.

Viv is going to be doing some work in the area and would like to have a get together with the Mantle Cluster group and anyone else interested in MotE.

We will therefore meet at Windemere University of Waikato, Room v124/125 on the 26th March from 3-6 pm.

Please spread the word as I’m not sure who else will get this message.

Til then, take care,


One thought on “Up and coming Cluster meeting

  1. Thanks Stephen! I will send out an email to subscribers with this information…
    And for those in Northland, there’s another cluster meeting coming up too. Details are here.

    Where: Kaurihohore School, Whangarei
    When: 6th March 
    Organiser: Leslee Allen (Kaurihohore School)
    More info: Contact Leslee at the school Phone: 09-435 0041

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