Check out the updated UK mantle site

Regular visitors to the UK Mantle of the Expert website will have noticed some big changes over the last weekend. After a great deal of work, Tim Taylor, Luke Abbott and the team have launched a whole new-look site. It looks great and sets out all the familiar information – and lots of new stuff – in a much clearer form. Check it out here

Two further things to mention about the new UK site. First of all, as part of the lead up to the relaunch, Tim asked me to report on the current situation in Mantle of the Expert in Aotearoa for the ‘international’ page of the UK site. I’ve done my best, but I realise I don’t have a complete picture of who is currently using Mantle of the Expert or who is teaching about it. I want to represent everyone so please, if you are a regular user of Mantle of the Expert within Aotearoa or if you are someone who offers workshops or sessions (e.g. as part of a teacher education programme at university or Wānanga or within professional development sessions) do drop me a line with details so I can include them in the summary. You could also add a comment to this post. Second thing to mention is that with the changes to the UK site, some of the links from our NZ site may now have stopped working. I’m working through these and repairing as I can but please if you notice a link that needs fixing, let me know. Cheers!

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