Cluster meetings in January / February

2012 is off to a flying start. A number of teachers at primary and secondary are plotting great things in their classrooms for term 1 or term 2. The summer school paper in Tauranga is going really well, and a bunch of new teachers is coming through all enthused and ready to try the approach.

We have already held a small skype call for secondary teachers around the country in which we discussed some planning ideas. This group meets again (over skype) on Weds 22nd Feb at 7pm. Meantime, the conversations continue via the MOODLE discussion forum on the website. Check out  this link for more.
If you are a secondary teacher and would like to join this group, please let Viv know.

The next face to face cluster meeting in Waikato will be Tuesday 7th Feb at 5pm  at The Education Leadership centre, downstairs at the rear of the Faculty of Education building, University of Waikato. All are welcome.

The suggestion is that we look at different ways to establish and build belief in a MOTE company / enterprise. Some new ideas have come through teachers’ work recently which would be great to share. Please bring your ideas / questions about this crucial stage of planning for a MOTE. Please also bring a plate of food to share.

The other focus for the gathering will be planning for our open evening, coming up in March.

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