DI featured in Ministry ‘speaking and listening skills’ lit review

In August 2021, Amanda Denston from the University of Canterbury published a literature review for the NZ Ministry of Education. It was based on this research question:

What does the literature show to be the most effective, engaging, and equitable
speaking and listening approaches that effectively support learning and speaking and
listening demands across the curriculum along the whole learning pathway

The result is a fascinating read, which pulls together a lot of literature from different approaches within a specifically NZ context. And yes – Dramatic Inquiry (including Mantle of the Expert) is specifically profiled towards the end of the review. Check it out here:


For those in our community who are doing teacher inquiry, studying for Masters, PhDs or writing academic articles around Dramatic Inquiry, I hope you can see how your scholarship makes a real difference? When the Ministry conducts literature reviews like these, the evidence of your research is gathered to inform policy and you help to shape the future direction of education. Be proud!

With thanks to Pauline Maclean for drawing this lit review to my attention.

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