Dramatic Inquiry Network’s first AGM

The first AGM of the Dramatic Inquiry Network Aotearoa Trust was held on Sunday 10th October 2021. The meeting took place over zoom immediately after our link up to the UK ‘Heathcote now’ conference, and those who had been in the previous meeting arrived at the AGM already buzzy and excited.

Viv A read a report from the Joint Chairs – celebrating the many achievements of 2021 as well as the frustrations and challenges we’ve experienced due to Covid. Then there was financial report from our financial officer, Carrie, who has done an amazing job getting her head around the financial requirements associated with handling Ministry money!

Trust positions for 2022 were confirmed, with Viv Aitken, Whakarongo Tauranga, Renee Downey and Carrie Swanson continuing in their awhi rito (Board) roles. These people have worked their socks off in 2021 and it’s great to know this mahi is continuing. It was also encouraging to see the number of people who indicated they would be keen to step into awhi rito positions in future.

The next phase of the meeting was structured to allow for active, reflective listening and several members of the community took the opportunity for five minutes’ uninterrupted reflection on their experiences. Others had offered feedback and reflections in written form and these were summarised and shared.

The meeting ended with a review of our Trust’s vision and five year goals. We agreed it’s important to hold a gathering early next year (or as soon as Covid permits) to allow us to celebrate our achievements, and to strategise next steps.

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