Keeping the flame alive: Legacies of Heathcote’s practice across the Tasman

In this article, recently published in NJ: The Drama Australia Journal, Viv Aitken of New Zealand and Chris Hatton of Australia talk about how they were first introduced to the work of Dorothy Heathcote, particularly Mantle of the Expert and Rolling Role. Using personal stories and artefacts, Viv and Chris discuss the tensions of engaging in and representing Heathcote’s legacy without having been directly taught by her. They also talk about the careful balancing act of honouring the work while ensuring it continues to be responsive to cultural and educational contexts very different from Heathcote’s own.

The journal is paywalled, which means readers usually need to pay to read. However, there are 50 free eprints of the article available by clicking on this link. Enjoy!

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