New Blog – Mantle of the Expert, my current understanding

I’d like to alert you to a new  blogging project I’m starting today. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time – since 2009 in fact – when Dorothy Heathcote presented me with the photocopy of a handwritten document entitled “Mantle of the Expert – my current understanding”. This was her keynote for the Weaving our Stories conference held in Hamilton, New Zealand in that year. The keynote was also videorecorded and can be viewed from the UK mantle of the expert website here. (On the same page you can also find  the inspiring keynote delivered by Luke Abbott at the same event).

Anyway, the blog that I am starting today is my attempt to offer a kind of ‘reader’s guide’ to Prof Heathcote’s keynote. Each post will offer a ‘bite sized chunk’ of the address, along with commentary and interpretation. I hope it will be of interest to scholars and practitioners alike – and that people will join in with their own comments, questions and responses…

If you’d like to subscribe to the blog and receive updates on the project, please visit the vivadramablog here and subscribe. I will also set up a link from the ‘blogs’ section of the Mantle of the Expert Aotearoa website.

Ka kite!


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