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Mantle of the Expert, my current understanding

In 2009 Dorothy Heathcote presented me with a handwritten document entitled “Mantle of the Expert – my current understanding”. This was her keynote for the Weaving our Stories conference held in Hamilton, New Zealand in that year. Her words as she handed me the document were, “I thought you might want to do something with this.”

After some time, I decided the best thing to do was to publish the keynote in a form that would be freely available to everyone. First step was to transcribe it from handwritten to typewritten form. Dianna Elvin generously offered to do this – thanks Dianna – and the full transcript can be found here.

Next, I thought it would be useful to look at the address in ‘bite sized chunks’ and offer commentary and interpretation. I have started this process in an occasional blog series –  you’ll find that here. 

I hope this will be an interesting and useful read whether you are a teacher, a scholars or just an interested passerby. Please join in with any comments, questions and responses…

Ka kite!