Request for research participant in Mantle of the Expert

Here’s a message on behalf of Auckland-based PhD student Claire Coleman. Claire is looking for someone (preferably local to her) whom she can observe teaching in Mantle as part of her PhD research. My understanding is that she would prefer a primary setting, where the teaching is fully cross-curricular, but a focussed secondary mantle would also be of interest. Please read through and contact her if you are interested.

Isn’t it GREAT to see the interest in Mantle building at postgrad research level?

Claire’s message follows:



I am currently in the second year of my PhD entitled Dancing through the fourth wall which aims to explore the question: How can the philosophical underpinnings of process drama and critical pedagogy explicitly interrelate, and what tensions and opportunities are offered when they dance together?

This research will explore the underlying principles of critical pedagogy and process drama and the interplay between these two frameworks. As part of the research I am conducting three separate case studies that will work together to form one cumulative case study. For the second case study I want to observe someone using Mantle of the Expert (MOTE). I am interested in how Mantle – as a popular and established form of process drama may incorporate or contrast with the principles of critical pedagogy.

I am looking therefore for a teacher who uses MOTE quite confidently and who would be happy to have me in the classroom with them while they work. Ideally I would like to observe a complete Mantle in action and have the opportunity to interview both the teacher and students. I am also keen to complete this phase of my research in the first half of next year hopefully sometime after Easter. I believe participating in this research may help deepen understandings about the potential for process drama and create an opportunity for further reflection on the use of Mantle of the Expert. I am based in Auckland and as I have a eight month old would prefer to observe someone locally but am happy to consider travel if necessary.

If you think you may be interested in participating in this research please contact:

Claire Coleman


PhD Student

Critical Studies in Education

University of Auckland


Thank you for considering this request and I look forward to hearing from you

Warmest regards

Claire Coleman

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