Term 2 Cluster meetings

Term one’s Dramatic Inquiry cluster meetings were a great success, with face-to-face gatherings in Hamilton, Auckland, and Wellington – and a rich discussion over zoom between colleagues from secondary settings. As always, the low-key PLD and sharing of practice within these meetings was so valuable. Topics included: Planning in Mantle of the Expert, process dramas and drama conventions, creating drama for learning moments, Dramatic Inquiry and assessment – and a lot more besides. Special thanks to the various hosts. We couldn’t do it without you!

Meetings will be held again in term two, with folk gathering again in Hamilton, Auckland and Wellington PLUS another secondary zoom call AND two more meetings in Whangarei and New Plymouth. It’s great to see how, with teacher support, we can manage get togethers in so many different settings.

All the details for Term 2 cluster meetings can be found here. Please note this google doc will be updated as information is finalised and details are subject to change. You can also check the events calendar on the website for information.

As always, cluster meetings are free of charge and all are welcome.