The Wooden Arms – Dramatic inquiry response to a NZ picture book

In term 2 and 3 2020, the Dramatic Inquiry team at Knighton Normal School in Hamilton collaborated to create these lovely teaching resources based on the book Wooden Arms by Sarah Johnson.

The team rose to the challenge of using the same source material (the quality picture book) to create a collaborative play-based experience for New Entrants / year ones AND a full-blown Mantle of the Expert experience for more senior students. The results are something to be very proud of – exploring themes of identity and belonging in the context of New Zealand history.

Those new to dramatic inquiry will enjoy the detail in the planning, which include step by step instructions and questions etc. Those more experienced in the approach will appreciate the use of various finessing tools including the three teacher voices, the dimensions of dramatic imagination, the teacher compass and a range of drama conventions.

Many thanks to the teachers Jacki Paea, Chrissy Cottingham, Katie McLean, Nicole Antoniadis, David Hannah, Diane Cooper & Whakarongo Tauranga for generously making these resources available. Thanks also to Sarah Johnson who gave her enthusiastic support for this planning.