Top reasons for using drama in your classroom

Drama New Zealand recently posted a list of ’12 reasons for integrating drama in your classroom’. It arrived in my mailbox just days after I’d shared my own ‘top 10’ values for process drama at the Tai Tokerau Literacy Association. I thought you might be interested to see these two lists side by side. Mine focusses on process drama rather than other forms but I think you’ll agree there are many synergies between the two lists …

Before reading them – how about jotting down your own thoughts …  What are YOUR top 10 reasons for including drama in YOUR practice?


Cornett, C. & Smithrim, K. The Arts as Meaning Makers. in Drama NZ Newsletter 13, 2017 p.9

Aitken, V. ‘The benefits of drama for literacy.’ Keynote address at Success for all  Tai Tokerau Literacy Association Seminar Day 20th May, 2017

Click here to open ‘top ten values for process drama’

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