Assessment and Mantle of the Expert

Our Hamilton cluster meeting tonight (fantastic as ever) was focussed on assessment within Mantle of the Expert. Teachers shared some strategies they have found useful for keeping assessment “authentic” within a Mantle of the Expert frame. Then we read and viewed some material from the UK website. As promised, I’m re- sharing some of that material here – with thanks and acknowledgement to original authors: 

Here is the handout given out at the meeting ASSESSMENT IDEAS FOR MANTLE OF THE EXPERT – adapted from material on

Click here for link to Assessment as an act of love – article by Debra Kidd

Click here for Mary James’ slides on Third Generation assessment

Follow this link Michael-Questioning for the excellent handout Questions Questions Questions by Michael Bunting, originally published on

Great to see the new faces at our group – Welcome Vicky and Larissa….! Next meeting will be in early August – details to follow.

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  1. Hi the Questions Questions Questions by Michael Bunting link no longer works…in case you wren’t aware.

  2. Thanks Miel I’ll make sure I fix that up (:

  3. Should be working again now (:

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