Dorothy Heathcote awarded MBE

Exciting news today – the much admired inventor of the MOTE system, Dorothy Heathcote, has had her contributions to education honoured with the awarding of an MBE. Here’s what the British drama society said about Heathcote’s contribution to education and children’s lives – hear hear from here!

During a career spanning more than 60 years, her seminal work in the field of drama education has had a global impact on the way in which drama, theatre and the curriculum are perceived. The practice of the many thousands of teachers who have been touched by Dorothy’s ways of working has be profoundly changed and the learning experiences of many thousands of children have been immeasurably enhanced.

I will be sending congratulations to Dorothy on behalf of NZ MOTE practitioners. If you would like to include a personal message, either email me  or post a comment to this post.

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