Here’s an odd one….. A professorial lecture on Metaxis which is delivered in real world AND second life at the same time.

I find it fascinating as the speaker Liz Falconer theorizes online learning and learning in general using just the same theoretical constructs as we use in drama research. An interesting moment when she asks members of BOTH audiences how “present” they feel in their learning.

Mantle of the Expert: an embodied form of second life?

One thought on “Lecture on Metaxis

  1. So fascinating! Thanks for posting. The idea of ‘metaxis’ as Liz Falconer explores it reminded me of Janinka Greenwood’s theorisation of the “third space”– her way of conceptualising the ongoing negotiation that takes place in the construction of a bicultural space. I was thinking about the way that that “third space” operates as a metaxis point, with a person occupying two places (or more) at once… in the bicultural case, of one’s own identity and of a negotiated/co-created identity that results from being in relationship with someone who is culturally “other” than oneself. Seems like there could be some really interesting possibilities for examing more of that layering that comes about when one says: “I am here, but I am also here.”

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