What a good turn out at the cluster meeting last night in Hamilton. Great to see such good numbers. THANKS FOLKS…. Pic at the bottom of this message. Next meeting at Aberdeen school on 17th October – put it in the diary now! We are going to share our best “hook” ideas…..

Meanwhile I promised to post the titles of new drama publications that were launched at the “Heathcote Reconsidered” Conference in London. So – here goes. My apologies – these are not full citations – but should be enough to help you track the books down. All are recommended. It’s exciting to see so many new titles coming out in drama ed!

Juliana Saxton and Monica Prendergast Applied Theatre Intellect Books

Juliana Saxton and Monica Prendergast Applied Drama Intellect Books

Michael Anderson, Julie Dun How Drama Activates Learning: Contemporary Research and Practice

Edmiston, B. (2014).   Transforming Teaching and Learning with Active and Dramatic Approaches: Engaging Students Across the Curriculum.  New York & London: Routledge.  (To be published in August 2013)

Pamela Bowell and Briap Heap Planning Process Drama  (a new revised edition of this book)

Margaret Burke. Gavin Bolton’s Contextual Drama: A road less travelled  (To be published in August 2013)

David Booth, (with Barris & Barton)  This book is not about drama – it’s about new ways to inspire students. 


Danny Braventmar Playing a Part: Drama and Citizenship

J. Neelands Drama IT

Hillary Claire & Cthie Holden The Challenge of teaching Controversial issues (Trentham books)

Dave Sherratt, Melanie Peter Developing play and drama in children with autism spectrum disorders




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