Thursday 1st August happenings

Looking forward to seeing whoever can make it to tomorrow’s Hamilton cluster meeting at 4.30pm at Knighton School.

And, for those available a little earlier at 3pm, there’s the chance to hear Gaenor Stoate presenting on her recent Master’s research. Gaenor’s study involved using Mantle of the Expert to teach devising at level 2 NCEA. The presentation is in Meeting rooms A-B, at the Faculty of Education, University of Waikato. Just turn up if you are interested.


2 thoughts on “Thursday 1st August happenings

  1. Hi Viv,
    Wish I lived closer to participate,however it is great to have this website and regular updates through your emails.
    I was at the University for ‘Weaving Stories’ several years ago and have just been checking to see if you have any distance papers?
    I am wondering if Thursday’s address by Gaenor Stoate will be available in any form?
    I am going to be working with a local school in term 4 with two classes,Y5/6 and 4/5, using the Mantle of the Expert.
    Sylvia Duff

  2. Hi Sylvia! Glad you are enjoying the updates through the site and thanks for your interest in distance papers. We DO have a summer school in Mantle of the Expert coming up in January 2014. It consists of one week on campus and some online time after that. It would mean coming to Hamilton for the week and possibly a follow up weekend in Feb if you can make it. More details can be found by clicking on the link “Mantle of the Expert at the University of Waikato” on the right – or email me

    Gaenor’s address wasn’t recorded, but her thesis is available electronically at the University Library – plus I’m sure you could contact her for a chat about her work…. There may also be a secondary skype meeting soon (watch out for a notification via email updates!)

    Cheers – And thanks so much for posting your question

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