Te Kore Conference. Did you get an email?

Hello colleagues.

I have just sent out an email to everyone who is registered for Te Kore – The Drama NZ conference. The title of the email was ‘Information for delegates and presenters’. If you did not receive one it means that either:

1. You’ve yet to register (come on – there’s still time!)

2. You’ve registered but I haven’t got your email address (in which case please contact me)

3. I’ve got your email address but there was a typo in it. This is possible what with the perils of databases. I did have a few messages ‘bounce back’…

So please, if you are in any of the above categories, could you get in touch asap.

Viva – on behalf of the exhausted but proud conference team

P.P.S. Enjoy the last week of term…

One thought on “Te Kore Conference. Did you get an email?

  1. To everyone who attended and presented thanks so much for your input. It was great to hear our cluster group members share their passion and wealth of knowledge about Mantle. It was also fabulous to see Viv honoured. Have you seen the new book from NZCER Connecting Curriculum, Linking Learning, which Viv, Deborah Fraser and Barbara Whyte wrote – drawing on their research into the role of the arts within integrated learning contexts? It has many of our people in it as well telling their stories about working in Mantle/MOTE. It was also great to hear from Luke Abbott as well bringing back memories of previous conferences and summer barbeques. If you missed it be sure to go to the next Drama New Zealand conference or come along to the next cluster meeting.

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