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Seminar by visiting professor Brian Edmiston

Here’s a flyer for a seminar on 13th Feb 2014 by visiting prof Brian Edmiston. As well as being an experienced practitioner in MOTE, Brian has researched and written extensively on positioning theory and dialogism. This seminar (sponsored by the Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research at the University of Waikato) is an opportunity for students, academics or people just plain interested in teaching and learning, to come and hear more about these fascinating theories and how they have informed Brian’s work. Places are limited so please email if you are keen to attend.

Brian Edmiston seminar Feb 2104


Mantle of the Expert summer school – enrolments are now open

For those who have been waiting to enrol in the Mantle of the Expert summer school, I hear enrolments are now open.  Click HERE for more.

I am excited to be able to confirm that my co-teacher on this course will be Prof Brian Edmiston (USA).  Brian’s writing on Mantle of the Expert will be familiar to many. He’s a world leader in this area and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to collaborate in teaching and research during his visit. If you wish to join us, I suggest you enrol quickly as place numbers are capped and there has already been a good level of interest.

Feel free to email me if you need further information – or post a comment below.




Registrations open for Mantle of the Expert summer school

If you have been thinking about doing the Mantle of the Expert summer school in 2014, you can now register interest and secure a place (actual enrolments open in a month or so).

Just click  the link here 

The paper you are looking for is ALED 515 14C – Drama as Pedagogy, Mantle of the Expert.  It’s a postgrad paper (for those who already hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher). If you are interested, but have not yet completed your undergrad degree, please email Viv on  as there may be an option for you too.

The course runs  Jan 20 – 24 followed by  a further couple of weeks online and a closing weekend on campus 15-16 Feb.


* A reminder that applications for the $500  scholarships to attend TE KORE – the Drama NZ conference close on 31st March.*  Two scholarships are available, one for a beginner teacher and one for a teacher from a rural school. Check out details at

Conference is looking good – with a range of papers and presentations of particular interest to Mantle practitioners, including reports on MOTE projects at primary and secondary school, a EOTC project working with the Department of Conservation, Masters and PhD level research into MOTE and process drama.  Our keynote presenters are amazing – Waimihi Hotere is a local Maori theatre maker and advocate, Pam Bowell is an experienced process drama practitioner. Both will be running workshops as well as giving their keynote addresses. And we are also hoping to include a skype chat live with Luke Abbott from How could you miss it!

Registration is $385 including conference dinner. Amazing value for a 3 day event.

Click here to Download conference registration form

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Mantle Masters summer school brought forward

Quite a few people have inquired when the next Masters summer school in Mantle of the Expert will be offered at Waikato University, and the reply has always been “2015”. However, there has been a change of plan and ALED 515 will now be offered this NEXT summer. Exact details are still being finalised but if you are someone who has been holding out to do this course in Hamilton, then put these dates in your diary for 2014. Oncampus intensive 20-24 Jan, online 3-13 Feb, followup weekend 15-16 Feb.  Will keep you posted…



Summer school paper in drama at University of Waikato

An Introduction to drama in Educational contexts (including a ‘taste’ of Mantle of the Expert) is being offered in a University of Waikato Summer School, beginning January 7th. The 200 level paper coded TEAL 226 is open to student teachers and inservice teachers looking for professional development in drama. Learning will occur over a two week intensive course based at the University’s beautiful Academy of Performing Arts (pictured).


Further information about the paper and other offerings in Arts Education  over the summer school period can be seen on the attached flier     ArtsEd-DLE


Mantle of the Expert information evening – video

At long last – here is a chance to view a video of the Mantle of the Expert information evening held at the University of Waikato on 15th March 2012. The workshop was an opportunity for teachers from Waikato and surrounds to share about their use of Mantle of the Expert.

The video is quite long – so is broken into five sections. Please be aware this is not a professional video – camera is hand held and sometimes the sound is not clear… Unfortunately much of the small group work carried out by the teachers did not translate effectively to video, so you mostly see Viv who was facilitating the whole group sections.

The workshop is not an example of Mantle of the Expert BUT it is an attempt to use aspects of Mantle of the Expert to teach about the approach… You will see there are some sections of text within the footage to provide a bit of guidance. Hope it is of interest… Thanks to those who helped with the evening (credits at the end of the film)….

Mantle of the Expert info evening – part 1

Mantle of the Expert info evening – part 2

Mantle of the Expert info evening – part 3

Mantle of the Expert info evening – part 4

Mantle of the Expert info evening – part 5



Mantle of the Expert for Pre-service Teachers in Wellington

This post sent in by Priya Gain from Wellington. You can read in more detail about the Mantles described here by visiting the Murutai school blogs (see ‘links’ on the right)……. Priya writes:

Pre-service primary school teachers, as part of their teacher training
programme at Victoria University of Wellington, are going to be
introduced to the dramatic inquiry learning approach of Mantle of the

Delia Baskerville, drama lecturer at Victoria University, and Priya
Gain have collaborated to create a lecture and a follow up workshop on
Mantle of the Expert.  The lecture and workshop will be co-presented
by Delia and Priya and will be part of the coursework on curriculum
and pedagogical content knowledge for
planning/teaching/assessment/evaluation in the primary school

The lecture introduces pre-service teachers to Mantle of the Expert
(MOTE) by taking them through a MOTE unit of work that Priya did with
year 3 and 4 students at MURITAI SCHOOL.  Delia was involved in this
unit of work when she visited the classroom in-role to add the key
dramatic tension.

The lecture will illustrate:
•    how drama was used to build belief and commitment to a fictional
company of sea science researchers,
•    the range of curriculum based tasks that students did in order to
successfully complete their commission, and
•    how dramatic tension was used to drive an active response from
students and active reflection on their learning.

The lecture uses the voices of the students throughout to illustrate
and honour the high level of thinking, creativity, and collaboration
of the students who took part in this Mantle.

In the workshop the pre-service teachers will be taken through another
MOTE unit of work that Priya did at MURITAI SCHOOL.  This unit was
with a group of new entrants students in-role as garden designers.  In
the workshop the teachers will have the opportunity to participate in
three episodes from this MOTE unit including:

•    entering a fictional space and adding signs to take ownership of this space,
•    responding to a simple commission (using a picture book), and
considering how this can drive inquiry learning, and
•    experiencing and responding to some dramatic tension to see how this
element drives active learning and reflection.

It is exciting to think that these pre-service teachers will have the
opportunity to see how teachers can use drama to teach across all
curriculum learning areas, and take the role of genuine facilitators
in child-led inquiry learning through Mantle of the Expert.
Hopefully these teachers are inspired by the student’s work and take
this inspiration out into more primary schools and share the magic of


Mantle of the Expert information evening

Waikato cluster group members are holding an information evening this coming Thursday 15th March at 5.30pm at Educational Leadership Centre, Faculty of Education. This event has been organised in association with the Centre for Continuing education at the University of Waikato.

The session will be hosted by teachers who are using the approach with success in their classrooms. It is designed to appeal to teachers, parents and anyone else in the community with an interest in educational innovation.

Attached is a flyer produced by the Centre for Continuing education, with enrolment information.

Mantle of the Expert short


Mantle of the Expert course in January

A final reminder that enrolments for ALED 515, the University of Waikato’s postgraduate paper in Mantle of the Expert will be closing soon.

This year the paper will be taught through a combination of oncampus classes (16th to 20th January, Windermere Campus, Tauranga) and follow up work online (concluding end of term one).

The paper offers a combination of practical experience, theory and assistance with planning for your own classroom. Past students have included primary, secondary and community educators. The course has been a fantastic experience in the past and looks like shaping up to be a great group this year too…. Further information is on the attached flier.